Belt Testing


Testing is an optional but very important part of the training and all students should test if continuing in the program. Testing is usually done during the last two weeks of each course. The purpose of testing is to allow the students to move up to the next level of training and to learn more advanced techniques. Testing is a way of rewarding achievement and showing progress. For all those who want to learn more difficult techniques and participate in extended classes, testing for the next belt is required.

Testing in the martial arts plays an important role in the development of confidence and self-esteem by teaching children to set goals and overcome doubt (the "I can't"), achieving those goals, and moving on to more difficult goals thought unattainable.

Testing requirements vary according to the ages, abilities, and levels of the students. The Low Yellow Belt (the first belt after the beginner White Belt) is very easy to earn. Almost all young kids pass except those who show disrespect. Those who do have problems can try again later at no additional charge. After successful testing the student receives a belt or sash with a patch, and a certificate. The high level also gets a medal. The belts are set up so that a student can test at the end of each 7 week course. Some students may take 2 sessions (or more for advanced belts) between testings.

NOTE: Programs are individualized to each student, but the following represents a typical progression listing some of the forms that may be learned at each level. The minimum requirements are 1 additional form per level (from the curriculum list). Typically Low Yellow belts students can execute basic blocks, punches, kicks, stances, and the Basic T. High Yellow belt students can also execute the Blocking Combination, Four Elbows, Kick Combination, Stance Drill, and for age 8+: Basic One, Basic Sword. Each additional level adds new skills and forms based on the specific style of interest.

Please fill out a Promotion Test Form and give to your instructor prior to class.

Testing fees are greatly reduced (most testing fees start at $40 or more for Low Yellow & most schools charge $500 or $600 for the 1st Black Belt Test). All students need to be in uniform -- beginners special is Uniform and Yellow Belt Testing for $50. Fee schedule is as follows:

Belt Fee
Low Yellow $20
High Yellow $25
Low/High Orange $30
Belt Fee
Low/High Purple $35
Low/High Green $40
Low/High Blue $45
Belt Fee
Low/High Brown $50
Low/High Red $50
Jr. Black / Black $250

Students (especially those at higher levels) should be familiar with the Tenets of the Arts and the Student Pledge.

The Tenets of the Arts           

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity (Honesty)
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Control
  • Indomitable Spirit

The Student Pledge      

  • I will be a champion of freedom
  • I will never misuse what I have learned
  • I will help build a more peaceful world
  • I will respect parents and all seniors


Qualified students can obtain certifications from the international federations due to the many affiliations of White Tiger Martial Arts. For details, please contact Sifu Mayberry or your local instructor. The following list identifies several of the available organizations: