White Tiger Family Martial Arts
Bak Fu Martial Arts                 Tiger Kids

The kicks of Tae Kwon Do with the forms of Kenpo Karate and Kung Fu

Exercise and self-defense for the whole family

Kenpo - Karate - Kobudo - Tae Kwon Do - Kung Fu - Kali/Escrima DTS

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About Us

About the Classes

  • Your child will be learning the basic foundational moves of martial arts including blocks, punches, and kicks of karate and tae kwon do and the stances of kung-fu. Advanced forms/weapons are introduced as your child progresses.
  • Exercises for conditioning and flexibility will be used for warm-up. The program also uses bag kicking, games, and padded sword and staff sparring to develop skills and to practice techniques.
  • Stranger awareness and some self-defense techniques will also be taught.
  • Classes run 45 minutes for beginners and 30 minutes for Tiny Tigers. Yellow belts and more advanced students stay longer. Classes run year round. If your child misses a class, he/she can go to another location to make it up.
  • Classes run year-round in 7 week blocks and are held in several locations. See the schedule for details.
  • NOTE: This class is designed for self-defense purposes only. We do not teach bullying tactics. Respect for the instructor and fellow classmates is expected at all times. Any student creating problems will not be permitted to continue in the course.

About the Instructors

Chief Instructor Mitch Mayberry is the most certified and accredited in the area with over 40 years of training and over 30 years of teaching. He holds black belts in over 15 different styles, with master-level certification in more than 5 styles.

The instructors have been personally trained and certified by Sifu Mayberry. Visit the instructors page for certification details on all of the instructors.

The TIGER DIFFERENCE: Learn more and pay less - from the most accredited and certified instructor in the area

Contacting Us

Please call (425) 774-2787 if you have any questions.

Check our Contact page for other contact options.

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