White Tiger Family Martial Arts
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The kicks of Tae Kwon Do with the forms of Kenpo Karate and Kung Fu

Exercise and self-defense for the whole family

Kenpo - Karate - Kobudo - Tae Kwon Do - Kung Fu - Kali/Escrima DTS

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Welcome to the World of Martial Arts and Fitness for the Whole Family

A fun program for fitness and self defense ages 3 to 83 !


White Tiger provides a mixed martial art style that blends many classic styles in a fun and save learning environment that preserves the traditions and philosophies of the origin styles. For more information on the specific styles, visit our curriculum page.

Classes are held year-round in 7 or 8 week blocks at multiple locations. Check the schedule for the best location/time for you.

There will be no refunds on registration or AAU fees due to the nature of the course.

AAU membership fees are $14 per year and provide for secondary insurance.

Family Training

White Tiger family Martial Arts classes are open to students of all ages. Other family members should consider participating and making martial arts a family experience.


In order to create a safe and effective learning environment we have the following expectations:

Remember: fewer distractions + less noise = a better learning and teaching environment


  • Testing in the martial arts plays an important role in the development of confidence and self-esteem by teaching children to set goals and overcome doubt, achieving those goals and moving on to more difficult goals thought unattainable.
  • Testing is an optional but very important part of the training offered and all students should test. It is a way of rewarding achievement and showing progress. As your child demonstrates proficiency and passes each belt level examination, he/she will be allowed to move to the next level of training, stay longer in class, and learn more advanced techniques.
  • Testing requirements vary according to age, ability, and level of the student. The Belts page provides more information on the requirements of each belt/sash.
  • After your child completes the first 7 week session, he/she is eligible to test for a yellow belt.
  • Testing is usually done during the last two weeks of each course.

Uniforms, Training Aids, and Supplies

  • Uniforms are required for all students yellow belt and above. They can be purchased for $25 (for white Tiny Tiger) and $35 (black or white larger sizes). All uniforms have a multi-colored tiger on the back. The uniforms include top, pants, and front screen or patch. Please see instructor to order. NOTE that there is a package deal ($50) for the uniform and an instructional video/dvd.
  • Instructional and entertaining videos and DVDs are available for beginning to advanced students. See Resources for additional information or talk to the instructor.
  • Practice weapons, training bags, padded swords, shoes, sparring gear, and apparel are also available. See Supplies or talk to the instructor.
  • Instructional aids, including videos/DVDs and booklets are available to assist with home practice.


  • One of the highlights of the WTFMA program are the Tiger Kid tournaments. Here all students, especially new students, can attend and compete against students from other classes.
  • Unlike other tournaments in the area, Tiger Kids Tournaments are less costly and all participants receive awards.
  • Tournaments last approximately 3 hours with divisions based on age and rank of the student. Divisions include staff and sword sparring, weapons forms, and empty hand forms. Tournaments are scheduled approximately 2 to 3 times per year.
  • Parental help is appreciated and will increase the efficiency of the tournament.
For more information, see the Tournaments page.

Special Events

Sifu Mayberry is also available for birthday parties and self-defense seminars.
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