The best way to improve and learn is to practice. And then practice more. It is through repetition that you build muscle memory of the moves so that you can later execute them with speed and without thinking about them. So you should practice every night between classes.


The Resources page provides booklets, videos, and DVDs that can be reviewed at home. These materials allow students to review what we practice in class at home and then have the teacher correct in the classroom.


Always remember to stretch -- start slow and easy and work your way to bigger stretches and harder moves. Just like we do in class. The following list includes some of the stretches and warm-ups that we do in class:

  • Waving and swinging arms
  • Slowly rotating and stretching kneck
  • touching toes (standing and sitting)
  • rotating and bending knees and ankles
  • Spider-walk down leg to hold foot and extend leg
  • Crescents (in/out, single/double)
  • Situps, pushups
  • Fu jacks


Remember to continually practice your basics -- even when you progress in belts. The basics are the foundation of everything so keep practicing them. The following list includes some of the basics you want to continually practice:


Practice your forms over and over, just like in class. The forms you practice depend on your level, but the basic forms include the following:

Here are some references for the basic forms: